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Good day to everyone in the world,
Here on the farm we enjoy visitors coming to fellowship. I doesn’t matter who it is they always comment on how beautiful the place is. Now Miss. Cindy my wife is responsible for that she is the yard groomer, I am one who believes the different animals can easily groom the farm. I think she enjoys lopping and cutting and trimming and mowing. She also plants the flowers.
We are members of, Folks who live full time in their RVs look for quaint little places around the country that they can park free and rest, as they travel. It cost in most campgrounds and they are looking for two things. 1.) a cheaper place to spend a couple of days. the idea of boondocking is to camp with out utilities provided. 2.) look for places out the normal routine of travels. So that is where our farm. Bromark Farms comes into play.
We are in the process of restoring a 1968 Holiday Rambler travel trailer in hopes of one day traveling and living in the trailer. So untill then we want to associate with the RV community, and invite folks to experience the farm life with the gardens and the animals and fencing.

this past weekend was the Labor Day holiday weekend and we had the privilege of the “PHOENIX RAMBLERS” stopping by for a little stay. They are RVers who live full time in their RV . Bobby and Sharon are both retired, and their children are grown and they travel in AMERICA . They youTube and the youTube channel is called the PHOENIX RAMBLERS. We fed them what we grew on the farm and shared with them some experiences of the farm life with them. We are almost celebrities!

They are gone on the road again. they said they would return again. so come on by the farm. We will be look’n for you.