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good day wherever your journey in life has placed you.

We at Bromark farms have been busy these past 3 weeks. Cindy has been busy here on the farm, preparing for a couple of planned family visits this next couple of months. If I have not mentioned it both of us have elderly parents that need attention. Cindy’s Dad has alzheimer’s and 85 years old too. He is a very sweet man. I have a Mom that is 81 years old, but I have a brother and a sister that lives with Mom to keep up with her. Cindy’s Mom is the the care giver for her husband, she is a very graceful women.

Restoring the travel trailer is coming along. Cleaning the garden up and preparing for winter.

Also I received 4 beautiful New Zealand white rabbits, 1 buck and 3 breeding does. so I have been situating them a new home .

I also have to look into repairing my front wheel bearing on the tractor.

I am also getting ready for knee surgery on the 27th of November.

I will try to remember to write a vlog to inform ya’ll what’s going on here at Bromark Farms. Writing is not my best quality, I fear punctuation, so I punctuate as I talk in my brain as I pause for a breath, I place a common. If I think I need to complete a sentence I place a period. If I decide to begin a new or different subject I will begin a new paragraph. So writing is very time consuming and a thoughtful process. This vlog writing is very important part of the youTube channel because it helps build an audience.

Cindy and I also open our farm up to boondockers who are traveling across the beautiful country side , so we are always conscience of receiving text to inform us of boondockers. We want them to have a, at home experience on the farm, We enjoy the stories of them that are traveling in the RVs full time.

I am Brother Mark, yes my first name is brother. I am sorry for not producing more blogs, I will try to produce more. Thank you for stopping in. While writing this I have just descovered the difference between a vlog and a blog. I am LEARNING as I proceed.

ALWAYS BE SENSITIVE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. It is a discipline to walk in that Spirit and that is what is missing with Most ” so called Christians” They have not developed that discipline.

Come down on the farm and visit, and boondock a couple of days.

Brother Mark & Cindyhttp://bromark farms facebook